Other Chamber Repertoire

Andres           Algues (Oboe & Harp)
Berio             Circles (Voice, Harp, 2 Percussionists)
Debussy, C.   Danses Sacre et Profane (Harp & String Quartet)
Gershwin/Fitzgerald Let's Call the Whole Thing Off (Bass & Harp)
Ginastera        Cantos Del Tucuman (1938) (Harp, Violin, Flute, Voice and
Grandjany       Aria in a Classic Style (Harp & Organ)
   Aria in Classic Style (Harp & String Quartet)
Handel, G.F.   Concerto in B-flat Major (Harp & Organ)
Hoffman          Blues for Harp, Oboe and Cello
Holy               Elegie (Organ & Harp)
Jolivet             Chant de Linos (Flute, VIolin, Viola, Cello, Harp)
  Pastorales de Noel (Flute or Violin, Bassoon or Cello & Harp)
Martin            Piece Breve (Flute, Oboe and Harp)
Owens           Shepherd's Lament, Song and Dance (Oboe & Harp)
Ravel, M.        Introduction and Allegro (Harp, Flute, Clarinet, String Quartet)
Roussel           Serenade Op. 30 (Flute, Violin, Viola, Cello, Harp)
Saint-Saens, C.  Le Cygne (Harp & Cello)
    Rhapsodie #3 on a Breton Melody
Samuel-Roussea Variations Pastorales sur un Vieux Noel (Harp & String Quartet)
Scelsi              Okanagon (Harp, Bass, Tam-tam)
Takemitsu        Rain Spell (Flute, Clarinet, Harp, Piano, Vibraphone)
Thomas, AR    ...Soul is Light... (Violin, Oboe, Harp)
Tilson Thomas Notturno (Flute, Harp, String Quintet)
Turina             Ciclo Plateresco-Teme Y Variaciones (Piano and Harp)
Villa-Lobos    Quatuor (Harp, Celesete, Flute, Alto Sax, Female Voice)
Voss               Notturno  (Oboe & Harp)
Marguerite Lynn Williams

Chicago Harpist ~ Marguerite Lynn Williams
~ Professional musician in Chicago, IL~

Providing elegant harp music for wedding ceremonies and special events.
Harp Lessons, party entertainment, classical, jazz, Celtic and chamber music.
Flute & Harp Repertoire

Alwyn            Naiades (Flute & Harp)
Bach, J.S.      Sonata in g minor (Flute and Harp)
Caccini           Amarilli (Flute & Harp)
Damase          Pavane a Cinq Temps (Flute &
Debussy       Arabesque No. 2
 Prelude to the Afternoon of a Faun
Hovhaness    The Garden of Adonis
Ibert             Entr'acte
Inghelbrecht  Sonatine
Japanese trad. Nambu Cow-herding Song
Konoe            Chin-Chin Chidori
Massenet       Meditation from Thais
Miyagi            Haru no Umi
Persichetti      Serenade No. 10
Petra-Basacopol Sonata
Piazzolla         Histoire du Tango
Ravel            Pavane pour un Infante Defunte
 Two Pieces from Ma Mere L'Oye
Rochester-Young Song of the Lark
Saint-Saens   Romance, Op 37
Scarlatti         O Cessate di Piagrmi
Sugiyama        Bridal Doll
Setting Sail
Taki                Moon over the Ruined Castle
Tosti              La Serenata
Yamada          Lullaby from the Chugoku Area
  Red Dragonfly
  This Path
Harp Ensemble Repertoire

Albeniz          Cordova
Andres          La Ragazza
Parvis (Cortege et Danse)
Bach             Bist Du Ber Mir
Bach/Salzedo 6th French Suite
Barclay          The Mission at Santa Fe
Burton           The Ash Grove
Challan          Frere Jacques
Connor, B.     Songs for Love and Remembering (14
Damase         Cortege
Debussy        Clair du Lune
Escosa           Diddling with Yankee Doodle
Franck          Panis Angelicus
Prelude, Fugue & Variation
Granados       Spanish Dance No. 5
Grandjany      Aria in Classic Style (3 Harps)
 Dancing Lambs
Gretchaninoff  Rememberance of the Ball
Handel            Air from the Water Music
Holy              Albumblatt No. 2
Scherzo Valse
Krumpholtz    Premiere Duo
Mchedelov/Williams    Variations on a Theme of Paganini
Pachelbel       Canon in D
Pinto              American Fantasia
Poenitz          Spukhafte Gavotte
Ravel            Introduction and Allegro
Ma Mere l'Oye
Renie            Les Pins de Charlannes
Respighi        Siciliana
Saint-Quentine Cloches Matinales
  Cloches Melancoliques
Salzedo          Chanson dans la Nuit
Satie              Gymnopedies
Thomas          Cambria
   Duet from Carmen
   Quartre Preludes
   Souvenir Du Nord
Tournier          Quatre Preludes
Trnecek         Duo, Op 23
Harp & Chorus/Voice

Britten            A Ceremony of Carols
Donovan        Beautiful Chimes
                  (solo Voice and Harp)
Faure             Tantum ergo
                  (Tenor or Soprano, Choir and Harp)
Glick              Sing Unto the Lord a New Song
Holst              Choral Hymns from the Rig Veda
Kesselman     Play on your Harp
Kirby              Gentle Mary (solo Voice and Harp)
La Montaine   The Nine Lessons of
                  (Mixed voices, soloists and harp)
Lapitino          The Harp (solo voice and Harp)
Mathias          As Truly as God is our Father
                  (SATB, Organ & Harp)
Mexican Carol El Rorro (The Babe) (SATB & Harp)
Posegate       The Gift of Love (solo Voice and
Rutter             My Dancing Day
Stuart           Ayre for Eventide (solo Voice & Harp)
Susa, Conrad  Carols and Lullabies: Christmas
in                                 the Southwest
                  (Chorus, Harp, Guitar & Marimba)
Williams        Five Carols for Easter
                  (Treble Voices & Harp)
Zaninelli       The Water is Wide (Solo Voice &
Violin & Harp

Bochsa          Trois Nocturnes No. 2 (Violin & Harp)
Debussy         La boite a joujoux-Danse de la poupee
 La Damoiselle Elue-Prelude
 L'Enfant prodigue-Prelude, Cortege et Air de Dans
Nadermann    Notturno No. 3 (Violin and Harp)
Ravel    Pavane for a Dead Princess (Harp & Flute or
Saint-Saens Fantaisie for Harp and Violin
Flute, Viola & Harp

Bach, Jan        Eisteddfod
Bax, A.          Elegaic Trio
Debussy           Trio Sonata
Dubois              Terzetto
Natra              Commentaires Sentimentaux
Piston            Souvenir